Risk Control

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Risk Services Expertise

» We advise you on how to confidently identify, quantify and reduce risk through tailored solutions, so that you can protect what matters most — your people, your property and your profitability.

» With experts in all functional areas and in more than 100 industries, our team has the proven knowledge and experience to assist clients in identifying current and potential risks, implementing controls to reduce exposure to loss — and improve productivity.

» In addition, we partner with clients to create claims management processes and address claim issues should they occur.

Consulting Methodology & Approach

Our consulting approach is designed to be timely, result-oriented and focused where it counts most — minimizing hazardous exposures and claims.

• Identify exposures, hazards and losses
• Evaluate current controls
• Develop solutions
• Implement solutions
• Perform ongoing measurement and evaluation

Risk Products & Services

HUB International specializes in a wide variety of risk services products and consultancy services. The HUB Risk Services Division offers solutions that are properly scaled to the client based on size, risk and geographic location. Our team focuses on adding value and servicing clients.

Risk Control & Specialty Services

  • Property Risk Engineering
  • Safety & Environmental Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Integrated Absence Management Programs
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Security Management
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • High Net Worth / Family Office Risk Management
  • Travel Risk Management
  • Clinical Risk Management
  • Fleet Risk Management
  • Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS)

Strategic Partnerships

  • Online Training Systems Providers / Developers
  • Web-Based Business Continuity Platforms
  • Crisis Notification System Providers
  • Art Preservation / Recovery Firms
  • Property Appraisal Services
  • High-Risk Claims Identification Tools
  • Pre-Hire Screening Tools
  • Actuarial / Forensic Accounting Firms
  • Driver Accountability Programs
  • Online Fleet Risk Management Systems

For more information, visit HUB International’s Risk Management Services site.

Risk Management Services